Buick Shines Spotlight on Female Athletes with New Ad Campaign

October 12th, 2022 by

Female Athletes in Many Sports with White and Orange #SeeHerGreatness Text

Did you know that more than 40% of athletes in the United States are women? Did you know that those accomplished athletes at the college level get less than 10% of the media coverage? Buick will shine a spotlight on female athletes with a new ad campaign – titled See Her Greatness. Here is a closer look at how Buick strives towards gender equality with its marketing campaigns!

What Is the Buick See Her Greatness Campaign?

Created in tandem with female-led media group TOGETHXR – which is run by athletes Sue Bird, Chloe Kim, Alex Morgan and Simone Manuel – the See Her Greatness ad campaign puts an emphasis on female college athletes playing in NCAA March Madness. The campaign highlights Women’s History Month and the Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament with exclusive footage of historic plays in female college sports. The See Her Greatness ad features highlights from women’s college basketball, hockey and swimming to include some classic NCAA sports moments.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Title IX – which helped create gender equality in academics and sports. To emphasize the drive for equality, Buick aired the same amount of paid ads during the Women’s NCAA March Madness Tournament and the Men’s NCAA March Madness Tournament this past year. Buick takes pride in having the largest percentage of female car buyers in the automotive industry and is committed to equality for women.

The collaboration between Buick and TOGETHXR will result in gender-inclusive content to help increase the visibility of female athletes across the United States. Mentor Huddles will pair influential female athletes with current female athletes to connect, inspire, network and empower the current generation of athletes. Due to these efforts Buick will receive the first-ever #SeeHer in Sports Award from SeeHer – a global movement to create gender equality.

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Do you love female athletes? Are you an advocate for gender equality? Buick will shine a spotlight on female athletes with a new ad campaign that is titled See Her Greatness. Learn more about this forward-thinking ad campaign with an overview by Dieffenbach GM Superstore in Rockingham, NC. Contact the Dieffenbach GM Team today to get pre-approved for credit toward your next Buick Enclave!