You Can Order Your Blazer EV Now

October 27th, 2023 by
2024 Chevrolet Blazer Electric Vehicle

Until recently, GM EVs came in compact vehicles like the Bolt and Bolt EUV or large ones like the Hummer EV models. The half-ton Silverado EV pickup is also coming soon as well. But now you can order the Blazer EV through the Dieffenbach GM Superstore with a size and accommodations that hit the heart…

Life with a Chevrolet Corvette Z06

October 27th, 2023 by
2023 Chevrolet Corvette z06 in orange

Can you live daily with arguably the best supercar money can buy? This is a question Car and Driver wanted to answer by taking delivery of a long-term 2023 Corvette Z06. Not only is the fastest car Chevrolet has ever made able to beat the best and fastest cars on the road at the track,…

Silverado EV Rated For 12,500 lbs Towing And More Payload

October 27th, 2023 by
Power and Capabilities of the new Chevrolet Silverado EV

The upcoming 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV excites everyone, with top-of-the-line 4WT trim models already being shipped to fleet customers nationwide. Soon, you will see the Silverado EV arrive at dealerships nationwide, including Dieffenbach Chevrolet.  The Silverado EV will come in five trim levels: WT, 3WT, 4WT, RST First Edition, and Trail Boss. The WT will…

Why Buy Used From the Dieffenbach GM Superstore?

October 9th, 2023 by
Why Buy from Dieffenbach GM Superstore

Is the best way to purchase a used car through a computer screen? Unlike a book, home decoration, or even a pair of shoes, a car is far more complex and involves many more considerations. It is even more complex than a new car since the condition is such a major factor. Dieffenbach explores the…

2023 Equinox Receives Top Honor in Car Seat Fit Report Card

October 9th, 2023 by
2023 Chevy Equinox

All automakers are mandated to have provisions for child car seats in their interiors, so it is easy to assume that working with child seats in all cars is the same. But that isn’t the case. Automakers have freedom in executing the mandate, and the result is that some are much easier on parents than…

Secure Your Drive: OnStar’s Cutting-Edge Safety Advancements

August 19th, 2023 by
OnStar RearView Mirror Blue Button

At Dieffenbach Chevrolet Buick GMC Inc., we place your safety above all else. We’re thrilled to introduce you to OnStar’s expanded member services, coupled with the innovative Guardian App, setting new standards for security, convenience, and peace of mind that extends beyond the road. Empowering Safety with the Guardian App Picture having an unwavering guardian…

Does Barbie Drive an EV?

August 14th, 2023 by
Barbie in Corvette from Barbie Movie

If you grew up with a Barbie – or someone who loved her – you probably coveted the iconic pink Dream Car. This year’s Barbie movie brought Barbie, her Dream Car, and more to life with record numbers heading to theaters to see Barbie in real life. She continues her long-standing relationship with Corvette with…

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When To Use a Weight Distribution Hitch

August 9th, 2023 by

The most obvious sign of someone not towing correctly is when both the tow vehicle and trailer sag at the hitch. It is as unsafe as it is unsightly. The downward force on the rear of the vehicle reduces the downward force on the front, reducing both steering traction and front brake effectiveness. Meanwhile, the…

Silverado 1500 I-4 Turbo vs 3L Duramax – Which To Choose

July 25th, 2023 by

When buying a new Chevrolet Silverado, there have never been more choices. You have your old-school V8s, and now with 1500 series trucks, you can get a 2.7-Liter High Output Turbocharged 4-Cylinder or a 3-Liter Inline-6 Turbo Diesel. But what’s the difference, and why would you choose one over the other?  TurboMax To The Max…

Frequently Asked Questions of the Silverado Trail Boss

July 25th, 2023 by

When perusing Dieffenbach’s Silverado research page and looking up and down the trim model line grades, you find the term “Trail Boss” twice, once attached to the Custom grade and then again attached to the LT grade. This has raised questions about what exactly the Trail Boss is and what its place is in the…


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