Chevrolet Special Editions And Sports Trims Bring Out The Cool In You

January 14th, 2021 by

If you’re looking for something special and cool in your next Chevrolet, you might want to check out our Midnight Editions, Sport, Redline, Activ, and RS models.

Consumers love these special and cool editions of Chevrolet’s model lineup. In fact, Midnight and Sport editions are available on half of Chevrolets sold today. One out of five Trax models sold are Midnight and Sport editions.

What is a Midnight or Sport edition?

These are packages available on affordable trim levels that offer you a different look than the usual model. For example, a Traverse Midnight Edition offers blacked out wheels, along with black chrome trim, grille and bowtie badges. Paired with Mosaic Black Metallic paint, and this Traverse Midnight edition is simply ice cold.

A similar treatment is applied to the Traverse Sport edition. All trim pieces are painted black, along with the aluminum wheels. You can get this package in all colors available on the Traverse.

The RS trim has been a part of Chevrolet’s story for decades, featuring the iconic Camaro Rallye Sport models of the early 1970s. It is also a popular choice for the Chevrolet models that have this badge. A third of all Blazers sold in the USA are RS versions. In all, 140,000 Chevrolets sold since 2018 have been RS models.

Each RS model features sporty trim upgrades, ranging from badges and larger alloy wheels to specific mesh grille textures – depending on model. For 2022, the popular Equinox SUV will be offered in an RS trim level.

Let’s not forget about Chevrolet’s Redline editions! A Traverse Premier model can be equipped with this package, that adds red striping to the black alloy wheels, along with red piping in the seats and throughout the interior and exterior.

To top it all off, the Trailblazer’s coolest version is the Activ model. This is more than an appearance upgrade from the Trailblazer lineup, as it is equipped with specific features offering owners a chance to use their vehicle off of the highway – even to the cabin up in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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