Women & Buick-GMC: A Winning Combination

August 18th, 2022 by

Dieffenbach Buick GMC

Buick-GMC Dealership builds a culture centered on Women-Empowerment

The automotive world is changing and demands a more diverse workforce. Recognizing this major shift and the importance of female representation is a top initiative for Dieffenbach GM Superstore.  With a 21% female workforce, our dealership ranks high in the industry, and continues to strive for diversity.  Having our staff be reflective of our society is important to empower ourselves and our customers.



One of our fellow Buick-GMC dealerships also made diversity a focus in their store and found great success with expanding representation for women within their ranks. Whitney Yates-Woods, a second-generation owner of a Buick-GMC dealership is making major strides in this changing world we live in by focusing on increasing the number of women employees in her dealership.

Yates-Woods often asks about work satisfaction and the future that her employees see at the dealership, creating an open communication atmosphere.  She is also driving the focus for hiring to a more social media-heavy strategy.  The strategy seems to be working as she was able to hire 15 new female employees in the last 18 months, with 2 of those employees transitioning into leadership roles, making a total of 5 of her 14 management positions being held by women.

Overall, the automotive industry has been a male-dominated workforce.  According to Women in Automotive, women make up around 2.8% of all dealerships with only 7% of them holding positions in management.  We are beginning to see a dramatic change in the industry landscape with innovative hiring and open forum conferences geared towards women.  Women are beginning to step into roles traditionally held by men and receiving the support they need to succeed in automotive.

Here at Dieffenbach GM Superstore, we share the same vision of women-empowerment and representation in the automotive industry.

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